Astrologist, Prophetic Medium

Do you have a worry, a dispute, a doubt or a money-related problem? Or are you seeking your soul mate?
Have no fear, you have just found a precious ally in your quest for happiness.


It may sound astonishing or hard-to-believe to you, but my gift runs in my very veins. Through my mother's lineage, I am a direct decendant of the greatest and most enigmatic seer the world has ever known. Michel de Nostradame, more commonly known as NOSTRADAMUS, is my forebearer. Born in the Saint-Remy-de-Provence region of France on the fourteenth day of December 1503. Although five centuries separates us from each other, the tradition of seers has been alive and growing in our family. Some of our line has chosen share their gift with others, some have decided not to practice it altogether. I am the first of my family that is openly professing my bloodline connection to my great ancestor.


I was born in 1970 in Florence in Italy, but I only knew my parents, of French origin, for a few early years of my life as I lost them shortly in a automobile accident. I was adopted by a kindly couple who, despite their modest income, raised me well and gave me a foundation to grow. Shortly after the death of my parents, I started to have visions that were "outside the circle of time" and my predictive powers began to maniftest themselves.


At the begining, I had a lot of fun with it all. I began to peer my mind into the future and see things that would later come true. At first the visions would be hazy and dream-like, in time, as I grew and learned to focus my mind and achieve a higher equilibrium of focused psychic perception. I could then describe things that were going to happen within a few cycles of the moon. Sometimes I would see unhappy events and they would sadden me, but then I realized the circular nature of the cycles of the universe and I realized that in the grand context, all things have an inherint wisdom that is often hidden from the untrained mind. Being able to foresee accidents, disputes, mood swings, lottery numbers, games of chance and even gambling games in the casino! My gift of seeing outside time and space gave me immense opportunity and success.


Since i saw the universe from a wider perspective than most, I realized the folly of greed or abusing one's gift in ways that are not honorable. I did guide my father who has raised me as his own buy the lotto ticket at the right moment with the right hints, with great discression. It was a way for me to thank him for all the trouble he went to in order to raise me with dignity and love.

Since 1985 I have predicted:

  • The numbers of the jackpot in the lottery in the World 159 times
  • The numbers of the jackpot in the United states lottery 47 times
  • The numbers of the jackpot in Megamillions 13 times

I have already won hundreds of millions of Dollars for people and that’s just the beginning…


I have been blessed and feel obliged to share it with as many people who are open to teh possibility of having a better life. You should know that I divide my time today by doing conferences worldwide on my incredible "Prophetic Visions" but especially in Asia where I’ve enjoyed great fame. My schedule is full 3 years in advance and it’s practically impossible to see me in my office in Los Angeles where I currently spend most of the year. I usually spend at least 4 hours a day behind my computer screen reading and answering all of the emails from my loyal correspondants. I speak 7 languages and I love english speaking countries, where i stay regularly.


I know that if NOSTRADAMUS could see me today he would be proud of me!


You have to believe that the time has come for the world and YOU, who has this opportunity today, to discover my authentic gift and my incredible predictions. Get in on the action while the world is in full cycle. Come and join my circle of friends and together we can move your life forward so you can enjoy the fruits of your success and great riches, but only if you wish to be successful.