27,000.00 dollars in the lotto!


I’m writing in secret as my husband is watching me like a hawk . He has a drinking problem and wastes so much of our money. So when I took your advice which lead me to win the lotto, even though I had my doubts. I won 27.000,00 dollars as predicted. The sums have come into my account and the best part is: my hasband doesn’t know!
I’m more relaxed now and I know that I can count on you and your extraordinary gift. You’re my angel of luck, Zoradamus, I owe you everything. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Teresa – Alexandria, Virginia USA.



My wife miraculously returned home…!

My wife miraculously returned home…!
I was miserable. I hated my life. My wife left me 3 years ago on Christmas with her slimy boss. He promised her the world and then some. Everything she ever wanted on a silver platter!

I hated myself for loving her still, I was trying to turn my love into hatred so I could move on with my life.

And then you came and told me that she was also still in love with me and she wanted to come back to me but was scared. I thought to myself: "Yeah right!"

But you persisted and against all odds I reached out to her and she begged to come back, which was like a mini miracle!!!

You’re a fairy, a magician, a mother to me! Thanks to your help and to the turning dervishes of love I got my wife to come back home in only 8 days. I don’t understand any of it, it’s a miracle from heaven. It’s the miracle of Zoradamus.

Thank you a thousand times, thanks for everything!

Jonattan - Dayton, Ohio.




I became a millionaire thanks to you!



You know, the first time I looked at my bank statements and I saw SIX ZEROS I almost fainted with joy.
"I'm besides myself!. Praise the lord! I was at the end of my rope, my family farm of 4 generations of my kin was about to be foreclosed. The bank has started foreclosure proceedings on my property. And you arrived out of nowhere.

First when you warned me of a danger coming my way, I thought was the foreclosure of my farm which I knew about. Yet you told me that you saw a fast moving flash and a wedding. I dismissed you but 3 months later, I was in a car accident, luckily my airbags saved me from any serious injuries but in the hospital I ran into Mark, who was the resident doctor on that shift, at my age, I thought I was done with butterflies in my stomach and teenage crushes, but I fell for that man immediately and now I have a home with him and a baby coming in about 4 months, I don't miss my farm at all, and love my life with my loving husband and provider.

Your warning made me aware and open to possiblities, if I hadn't talked to you, I'm sure I would have been crying my eyes out in the hospital and probably miss Mark altogether, but when you said a flash of light, it resonated with me, when the accident happened that was on my mind, like a guide post. and I realized that I was on a cross-road of destiny in my life. If it hadn't been for you, I might have missed it.

Now I know that it was providence that I lose a farm, but gain a beautiful mansion like big house and a husband that is the envy of my friends and family.,

Bless you honey, you did a good deed for me and I will forever thank you for it.

Leann Crawford – Denver, Colorado.



We all escaped a road accident!


How can I explain what really happened? A massive lorry hit us and we walked out completely unscathed! Even though our car was destroyed! It must be said that you had warned me of an accident and I felt like we were protected by an invisible force of extraordinary power. I don’t know how you do it, Zoradamus, but you are a gifted woman with an exceptional power and your visions exceed everything that I’ve known up until now! You’re the greatest visionary that Earth has to date. You’re my guardian angel and I owe you everything. My gratitude towards you is eternal. I embrace you. You friend for always.

William - Isle of Man, United Kingdom.



I’ve just won the Jackpot at the casino!


I’ve been playing for years and I cover my stakes more or less. And then your encounter through the magic of the internet changed my life. I followed all of your recommandations and when you told me that I would receive a large sum of money at the casino in May I had trouble believing you. Imagine, I’d been playing for over ten years at the casino without ever really winning. Imagine that I’ve just won over 800,000 dollars at my favourite slot machine! For years I’ve played every Saturday night and nothing. Until the day I met you, Zoradamus. What happened? I don’t know what but something changed my life and suddently luck started to turn in my life. Suddenly everything changed and this win at the casino was the icing on the cake, its the pinnacle. I’m rich, rich, so rich that I’m the happiest woman thanks to you, Zoradamus!
Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Rene – Henderson, Nevada.



Homeless yesterday, a millionaire today thanks to your predictions!


I didn’t believe in anything any more after losing everything. But life is great all the same as a friend told me about your unusual gift, a gift which enables people to be lucky everywhere. I put my savings in you, Zoradamus, over 80 Dollars all the same! I gambled everything I owned and I won the jackpot! Nearly 3,000,000.00 Dollars, can you believe that! What am I going to do with so much money? You know when you’re poor you’re not used to managing so much money! But everything can be learnedt that’s the truth. With millions in my account I can tell you that my life is transformed and I no longer have to rely on my freinds, I’ve got so much! I’m sending you a check to repay you, Zoradamus, and make sure you pay it in or give it to a humanitarian organisation, but please take it! You deserve it; believe me, because you really are not an ordinary woman!

Allison - San Antonio, Texas



My health problem disappeared… !

My health problem disappeared… !
My cancer is in remition! My doctor has been pouring over the X-Rays and the lab result papers and scrartching his head!!

He says it is a "medical anomaly". But you and I both know it was no coincidence that the first remision was on the third telespirit which you coordinated with my moon signs for maximum harmony of elemental energies most common during a full moon as you said.

Thanks to your words, I have learned to see myself in a whole new light, and I realized I had to be much better to my body from now on. I have been given a second chance and I'll be damned if I am going to squander it!

I am never eating sugar or any form of junk food again and I will be healthy to maintain my miracle!

My doctor asked me what happened, or if his diagnostic was wrong. He says that perhaps I didn't have it to begin with, because he says remission this fast is extremely rare!

I know what really happened but shhhhh, it’s our little secret between us, Zoradamus! You carry within you a gift unique in the world, exceptional power!

It’s great, life is beautiful thanks to you!


I had a serious health problem. Out of modesty I won’t tell you what it was but I know that you know, Zoradamus! You who sees evertything! I took your advice to undertake 3 TELESPIRIT meetings and my illness was resorbed all by itself with no medicines and through no medical intervention. My doctor asked me what happened, or if his diagnostic was wrong. I know what really happened but shhhhh, it’s our little secret between us, Zoradamus! You carry within you a gift unique in the world, exceptional power! Your gift of clairvoyance is so powerful that it enables solutions to be found even in desperate cases.
It’s great, life is beautiful thanks to you!

Esther - New Jersey, USA