Dear ,

It is with great joy that I accept the honour that you are doing me today by placing your trust in me.

So I am going to guide you according to a rule which, to my mind, is fundamental: working relentlessly, putting all my heart into it and showing good judgement in order to act according to your wishes, with the greatest possible honesty.

Let me take this opportunity to confirm my unfailing support for you.

I am sure all my efforts thus deployed over the past few days through
GREAT IN-DEPTH PSYCHIC READING FOR LUCK WITH DATES will bring you genuine and unexpected satisfaction.

I would also like to remind you that my concerns are entirely neutral, and that only one thing counts in my opinion: YOUR HAPPINESS.

So it is in my capacity as an Astral Advisor that I prepared this Great
IN-DEPTH ASTRAL PSYCHIC READING FOR LUCKWITH DATES which should now bring you all the vital information which will enable you to look towards the future more confidently!.

In this Great Psychic reading I particularly draw your attention to A Secret Plan which corresponds to your desire to see real changes appear in your everyday life in areas as varied as: love, finances, security, family, well-being, good health and everything else which is important to you...

For the Three Main Areas:

Health - Money - Love, I have compiled a sort of "list"of advice and instructions for you to solve difficulties and achieve your objectives for a better life, in order to have your right to happiness shine brightly, to encourage the right things to take hold in your life and to enable you to make considerable savings, to bring in money in abundance in order to eliminate your financial worries.

In fact, I took good note that you had a money problem to be resolved urgently. You need at least

In your particular case, it appears that a slight obstacle is causing your problem. I recommend that you perform a TELESPIRIT CONTACT with me.

Perform contact No 1 or No 3


Thanks to My Great IN-DEPTH ASTRAL PSYCHIC READING FOR LUCK WITH DATES, you now have extensive "instructions" on how to move towards a radiant future. All the powerful magic rituals and sacred prayers were chosen and prepared in a very specific way unique to you and in correlation with your personal situation.

I believe that this was a fundamental requirement.
(That is if we want My Great IN-DEPTH ASTRAL PSYCHIC READING FOR LUCK WITH DATES to be fully effective for you).

Yes! I did everything within my power to help you and to rapidly increase your personal LUCK!

Thanks to "targeted processes" of PERSONAL REVITALISATION accompanied by measures aimed at prolonging the effectiveness of the rituals which make it possible to create a barrier against certain geobiological incidents (which have disturbed your personal Luck for a long time now), capacity to earn large sums of money.

And above all, I am going to offer you a way of taking preventative measures aimed at reducing financial incidents!

All these challenges cannot be met without your active participation and all this great material progress cannot happen without help!

This is why, before inviting you to discover the events of your near future, I would like to inform you of a certain condition concerning the constancy of your commitment and involvement

Be warned : keeping in mind the circumstances, it is very important that you take good note of all my advice and that you follow each of my instructions!


In my opinion, my great in-depth astral psychic reading for luck with dates will fully perform its role as a guide once you have become aware of the benefits of your active participation!




For my part, I have done what needed to be done. I did not hesitate to take on the challenge of serving your Happiness. In my Great Astral Psychic Reading I committed myself to serving your future for the better and only for the better!
I promised to inform you of the events which could happen in your life. I promised to help you and I'm going to keep my word.

At this stage I would like to thank you once again for your trust.


I wish you every possible success in the coming months.


I ask you to listen carefully to me because Your future needs You…


I now allow you to enter the magical world of supernatural forces:
This is a sublime moment!


, I would like to make a point of confirming that certain exceptional beneficial events are soon going to change your entire life because the Great Moment you have being waiting for all this time has arrived.

Several Very POSITIVE Life-changing Events are going to happen very soon!

But before you discover these miraculous events, I invite you to read this paragraph very carefully, it concerns, in particular:

- Your Gift of clairvoyance : Clairvoyance is the power to see images about past or future situations. These images take the form of flashes or sudden thoughts.

Since your childhood, you have felt that you had something special in you but you didn't and couldn't explain it, isn't that right

There are days when you feel you have more clairvoyance than usual, when you experience events very intensely. You sometimes have very strong feelings before something happens in your life or in the life of a person you know well.
Sometimes, when the phone rings, before you even answer it you know who is on the other end of the line. At other times, you think of someone, and precisely that day, this person, whom you haven't spoken to for a long time, calls you!
You regularly hear strange noises around you and you even see shadows passing. You often have panic attacks and you think you are sensing the arrival of a dramatic event...

What you attributed, until now, to your intuition or sixth sense was in fact the fruit of a personal gift that is innate but curbed by your "conscience" and your sense of "social correctness".

In actual fact, you received this gift as an inheritance from one of your ancestors: In my vision I "saw" a small man/woman with a very particular physique: febrile and sickly. However, he/she had a great talent for clairvoyance and a great contempt for injustice! Just like you.

Now that I have confirmed your gift of clairvoyance, you would probably like to know how to control it.

There is only one answer to This question: through practice!

In order to do this, you have several options: Firstly,





Once you have passed this stage, you must carry out the practical exercises... and I can't recommend enough that you choose a medium which attracts you. This could be a deck of cards or tarots, a pendulum, or runes. This medium will serve as a "reading basis" in your perceptions and will help you to develop gradually. When you have found a medium you feel at ease with, practice! This means: practice on people around you (but not on anyone too close, as close ties will deprive you of all objectiveness... and clarity!).

As in all disciplines, anyone can practice and improve their abilities... and, as in any discipline, some can reach a high level of performance, while others will just be average... A piece of advice that I would like to give you and which may seem strange: when you practice developing your gift of clairvoyance, wear a coloured item of clothing. As I told you in your free psychic reading, your beneficial colours are


I also recommend that you perform a TELESPIRIT CONTACT with me.

Perform Contact Nº 6



Why these two colours?

Because they are the two colours which are in perfect vibratory resonance with your star sign and your personal energy. Each sign thus has its own colour. The colours correspond to the energy emitted.

For example: one of Gemini's favourite colours is silver. The energy of perfect business sense and the planet Mercury, which rules the sign of Gemini

For example: one of Gemini's favourite colours is silver. The energy of perfect business sense and the planet Mercury, which rules the sign of Gemini.

Aries' colour is red!

This colour is very stimulating but it is not in perfect harmony with your sign: which is that of Aquarius.

The colours of your sign are Green and Purple.

What is a colour?

As I was explaining to you, colour is a vibration. Each colour reflects a vibratory energy. Colour is an active vibration which is linked to your mind.

Colour is a force whose conscious use will enable you to directly and powerfully influence yourself and others!

We all have particular affinities with certain colours and indifference to others. It is precisely this duality which leads to preferences:
For example, personally "I like blue but not too dark. I like yellow but more of a pale yellow, as bright yellow is too aggressive for me. I like pale yellow but not to wear."

Just as you like , certainly because this colour is a pure energy like the blood that is the very essence of life. A passionate colour which stops at nothing with a touch of aggressiveness in order to control the elements, just like you!


Thanks to the subtle vibration which it emits, each colour will interact with your personal mental universe, which is also subtle and very sensitive to colours.

In fact, without being aware of it, we all seem to be sensitive to them.
Colours are everywhere around us, we love them or hate them, it doesn't matter. The choice of colours on the walls of our home, in our interior decoration, on our clothes is not insignificant, quite the opposite.
It reveals our tastes, our way of life, and our moods.
Without knowing it, through colour, we send a message to others and we receive stimuli which provoke sentimental and emotional reactions in us.
So red will boost your energy if you wear it, but it will give you an unpleasant feeling of agitation in a room intended for rest.

Green which is thus in perfect harmony with your sign, is a colour that suits you well! Very well, even!
It allows you to relax and encourages contemplation. If you look at a green item for a few minutes, you can easily get rid of all your stress!

Green, the colour of nature, has a regenerating property, as it captures solar energy and transforms it into vital energy. As the colour of hope, it is soothing. Like leaves in the spring, it is the symbol of renewal. It brings great gentleness, sincerity, harmony and balance. It is your link to nature. It cures your anxiety. It gives you the courage to go and meet others, listen to them, engage in conversation, attract affection. But be careful! When it has a hint of blue, green will make you more self-centred. On the other hand, when green is a sea green, it pushes you with a feeling of detachment and freedom towards others, to be more extroverted and relaxed.

Green is linked to grazing, harmony with the natural environment, and Mother Nature. It is also a colour which is particularly beneficial for you.

Learning to understand the vibration of colours will allow you to understand what you lack and what you need, and to build bridges between your deepest desires and the path that separates you from achieving them.
Colours are indeed a genuinely unconscious way to define your current aspirations.
It is a matter of learning about their effects on you.

The power of colours on you:

Bright shades: Bright colours will stimulate your vitality to the maximum, but also remove the idea of intimacy. When you are in the company of a love interest, avoid wearing or surrounding yourself with the vibrations projected by White, Silver, Yellow or even Blue.
On the other hand, in order to encourage intimate and gentle feelings, choose any kind of green, particularly sea green, and the brilliance of gold!
If you are convalescing or are in a weak state, go more for Orange, White or Silver! Depending on how you feel, these colours will give you a boost which will speed up your recovery.
So-called Transparent colours are no good for you at all; they should be banished from all aspects of your social life.
These colours are Grey and Beige.
Orange, sea green, lavender blue, peach and salmon are colours which introduce the vibration of Fortune! As long as the lightness of the colour is not too "washed out", these colours should remain bright and stimulating!
If you play games of chance, wear these colours.
If you have a meeting with your bank manager too.
As a general rule, whatever you do in financial matters, take care to surround yourself with these "magic" colours.

Dark shades: The energetic vibrations of dark colours are harmful to you: they cause a fear of choosing and confidently going forward in any area. They can even lead to a lack of vital reserves, just like indigo blue, brown and rust orange, which introduce a vibratory slowness and a certain form of heaviness in you.
These colours can lead to slight depression and tarnish your joie de vivre! However, if you find yourself faced with a difficult choice or a tricky decision, I advise you, on the other hand, to surround yourself with the deep vibrations of these colours, because they induce prudence and moderation in you.

Be careful! These dark colours also run the risk of putting a brake on cheerfulness in your family and introducing numerous unconscious, unpredictable and uncontrollable factors in the minds of those around you. Consequently, do not wear these colours during family reunions or at a dinner with friends.

However, purple, which is a dark colour, is in perfect harmony with the vibrations of your star sign! It allows you to establish yourself in matter, develop your relationship with the earth and set the 3 other elements of life: water, air and fire!
Purple represents the perfect balance between blue and red. So purple simultaneously accumulates the benefits of these two colours, making it a very powerful and beneficial colour when it comes to vibrations.
Purple symbolises justice, love of the truth and honesty.
It is the symbol of a mystical marriage between God and the representatives of the Church in Christianity. Moreover, it is the dominant colour of bishops' garb. Purple is also the colour of passion.
In psychology, when an individual wears purple, it shows his or her need to find a partner. In fact it expresses the need for identification with the loved one, tenderness and gentleness.

But above all! Purple is the vibratory colour which will accentuate your personal Luck and bring you luck and prosperity in all areas!

To sum up ... You can use these colours by playing with their various combinations, and their power to stimulate your vitality, soften an atmosphere (in the field of love or friendship), accentuate your luck (for example in games of chance) or even attract the vibrations of fortune!

In your case, it is URANUS, the planet of independence, originality, creativity, imagination and intuition which rules your sign: which is that of Aquarius!

You don't think this sounds like you? Soon you will see that it DOES!
You are a very lucky person!


Unfortunately, your luck has been obstructed for years by certain geobiological incidents which upset your balance and cause your perpetual lack of luck. From the point when these incidents can definitely no longer disturb you, you will find all your energy once more and the luck of the devil, believe me!


What are the consequences of these geobiological incidents on you?

Are you aware of the principle of geobiology?

Geobiology is the science of the Earth's energies. Some places are filled with telluric energies: The different movements of matter produced inside the Earth, of which we only have a very limited knowledge, produce telluric waves.

By definition, we speak of waves for everything that comes out of the Earth and currents for everything that stays inside.
An example of this movement is the inversion of the magnetic poles which is slowly taking place. The whole world is talking about it now.
A lot of people are afraid of the changes that this inversion may impose on us in only a few years' time!
The study of sacred places shows us that our ancestors were aware of all these geobiological parameters and that they used them to construct their buildings. Cathedrals and churches were not built just anywhere

The balance between human beings and their environment has always been a major concern

What you should remember is that geobiology consists of two main aspects:

natural phenomena linked to the earth and its structure, in other words underground water currents, faults and magnetic networks and artificial phenomena due to human beings’ actions on their environment such as electrical or magnetic fields from installations, high frequency wave emissions, etc.

Very often, we start researching the negative effects of the environment on an individual in order to find answers when traditional treatments are not satisfactory!

This is what I did for you in order to locate the causes of the unbalance in your Personal Luck. How can you know if you are being subjected to the negative effects of waves coming from the ground?

Firstly :

by checking your vibratory state.

Secondly :

by looking for side effects on your body: pains, persistent migraines, disturbed sleep, great tiredness, undefined feeling of sickness, indefinable malaise, regular feeling of oppression, depression...

Some of these feelings of uneasiness overwhelm you, don't they, ?

Without mentioning Pains - Problems with joints and muscles - Allergies - Dizziness - Digestive and Respiratory problems - vascular Complaints - and sometimes even Skin ailments...

Thirdly :

by searching for harmful ailments in your life. in business, professional success, luck, joie de vivre and emotional balance.

When I look at the results, there is no doubt : Under your home, an energy leak is escaping insidiously from a telluric fault and there is definitely a powerful water course flowing along this fault...

This explains your stress, your anxieties and panic attacks. It also explains your lack of self-confidence, as this is not in your nature.

My role is to inform you without throwing you into a panic. Isn't my first objective to provide you with effective and impeccable assistance?

For this reason I absolutely must raise the alarm!.

And I must point out to you that if nothing is done in order to block the path of this harmful energy which is just under your feet in the subsoil, you will end up experiencing greater and greater fears, phobias, nervousness and even a form of aggressiveness.

You will have a negative image of yourself, of others, of life... and finally, nothing will be able to regenerate the energy of your Personal Luck because you will be in such a depressed state that you will refuse all outside help. Your perpetual bad luck will allow you to measure the danger of these harmful waves...

So what can you do against these malicious waves?

A simple current to neutralise the harmful waves and rebalance the energy in your living environment will enable you to fight any form of pollution of this type effectively! This waveform is made up of eight branches which emit strong cosmic forces every three hours: it is called the Aleph transmitter!

This wave transports its energies throughout your living environment and destroys the telluric waves that it encounters in its path!

I know your current problems are weighing down on you heavily.

I know that these problems are exhausting and suffocating you and I also know that they stop you from taking positive decisions to finally make a positive change in your life.

I also know, and I have seen, that you no longer have the positive resources required to face this avalanche of difficulties which you are struggling with and which are ruining your life.

This is why I advise you to use the Aleph wave transmitter because your problems linked to the infiltration of telluric waves in your living environment are not the kind that can be solved in the usual way. The Aleph wave transmitter can free you from the harmful telluric waves in the space of a few hours!





You will no longer have this strange impression that someone or something is constantly throwing a spanner in your works.

You will no longer have reason to believe that you are the unfortunate victim of bad luck or a bewitchment!

I admit that in your case, with this constant bad luck, we could have asked ourselves this question.

Now you know as well as I do that you need quick, powerful and effective help, immediate help.

So I am fully prepared to personally provide this effective and powerful help that you are waiting for in order to reverse the negative course of your life. This is in order for Luck - which you are entitled to and to which you have always aspired - is finally liberated to your great satisfaction!


In my SECRET PLAN you will find all the instructions required in order to start using your ALEPH wave transmitter




Now let's talk a bit about your urgent problems :


First quarter: You will have great physical fitness and your morale will be excellent as you will be influenced by Mars. You will feel an extraordinary energy and intellectual dynamism. Take advantage of this in order to begin a physical activity or try to improve your usual performances if you already practice a sport. But do it gradually.
Why not take advantage of this to begin a personal development project to undo your inner knots?
It would also be good for you to learn how to really relax.
Even during resting periods, you don't manage to relax completely. You continue to be obsessed by your problems. Here is a good relaxation method for you.Practice it at least once when you get up or as soon as you feel tension building up. Take five minutes to be calm and breathe deeply. Let your breathing become deeper naturally. You are only observing it, without forcing it. This will really calm and relax you. Practice without moderation!
Second quarter: The astral influences are contrasted for you in the area of health. This means you will have alternating periods of good fitness and periods with less energy. This is not serious. You just need to be aware of it in order not to worry in advance or when it happens.
You can counter these periods of tiredness by taking vitamins, vitamin C in particular, minerals and energy food supplements like ginseng or royal jelly. Health problems which regularly affect you may reoccur in your weaker moments.
Treat them with natural medicines and natural products.
Third quarter: Be careful with your health as you may be prone to illnesses.
Indeed, a certain number of planets with sometimes contradictory influences will cross in your astral sky.
I recommended that you avoid sick people as the risk of infection will be very high. In particular, keep an eye on your morale as the risk comes from a tendency towards panic attacks, anxiety or even depression. As a general rule, practice positive thinking and you will avoid this sort of problem. Intensify this practice if you feel your spirits drop... before it's too late.
Fourth quarter: At the beginning of this quarter, it is a good time to begin a physical activity or intensify the one you practice at the moment (remember my advice in the third quarter!) because you should benefit from good astral influxes in health matters.
This should provide you with more energy than usual.
However, be careful not to go out too much at night and don't push your physical reserves too far.
You will need all your energy this quarter in order to progress in your professional life and sort out some small personal worries. Any health problems which may appear will rapidly be solved.

First quarter: This astral phase will be favourable for you in your love life. There are no great overwhelming changes to expect if you have a partner but rather a deepening of your relationship. Take more interest in your partner's tastes and wishes, as he or she sometimes suffers from the lack of interest you show towards some of his or her desires, or perhaps you take them too lightly. You will enjoy the beneficial effect of the favourable astral influxes which will now surround you: the little conflicts, arguments and resentments that you may have had will smooth themselves out (almost) without you having to do anything. Sometimes an action gesture, a smile or a word will be enough to dispel tensions. A little gift or thoughtful gesture will be welcome!
Second quarter: You will go through a phase of doubt in your relationship as you will ask yourself a lot of questions about your love life. Whether you are a couple living together or apart, you will take the decision to speak openly with your partner, or the person you would like to be with, in order to get things straight.
This is the best solution to resolve your problems, or at least to show that you would like to do so.
The good influences of Venus will make your task easier and will break the deadlock in situations which would otherwise have been difficult to solve.
Third quarter: Under the influence of Mars, you will have a lot of charm and ease in your love life.
If you are currently in a relationship, you will enjoy ideal conditions to experience a very happy quarter in the areas of tenderness, state of mind and sensual pleasure. This last point will give you great satisfaction... provided that you break away from routine and show a little inventiveness.
If you are currently single, a relationship that you have already begun or which will start in the middle of the quarter may rapidly become a long-term relationship... if this is your deep desire.
The final decision is yours.
Fourth quarter: If you currently have a love interest or a partner, he or she will not be able to complain about much in your relationship. You are generally available and in tune with him or her. However, there has been something that has gone less well in recent times, or an argument which started about something trivial, which would not usually take on such importance. The problem, if you are currently in a relationship, will be the routine that has taken hold. You should suggest activities that will provide a break from this routine to your partner. You will also benefit from this at a sentimental, emotional and sensual level.
If you are currently single, the loneliness that weighs down on you could soon be broken by someone you'll be very happy to meet.

First quarter: You will want to make a certain number of changes in your life at a material level. You will have great impulses to buy. You will want a new car, a new apartment, new clothes, or maybe a holiday… The stars are in a favourable position for you to satisfy one of your desires, but not several. So carefully choose your one large expense for this period! Above all, do not get into debt!
It would be prudent to wait for the second month of this quarter, when the stars predict that a sum of money will come in. You will have something to assuage your desires and put aside some savings!
Second quarter: Even if your income is modest, you will be able to make it work for you through wise decisions. You will be under the influence of Jupiter, which will be a great help in everything regarding management and finances. You will find resources which you did not know about until now, either in order to earn more, or to make new savings by discovering unnecessary expenses.
Nevertheless, be reasonable and take the time to carefully choose between the opportunities that will present themselves to you to improve your finances.
Some of them will be cons but others will be genuinely mouth-watering and profitable. If you are undecided, call on an independent expert, who is not involved in the matter in question.
Third quarter: Your financial quarter is looking good, with relatively favourable astral conjunctions. You will manage to work out some problems which you were unable to resolve, or which even seemed unsolvable, and there will be a brighter future in this area.
You will find solutions which are so obvious that you will ask yourself why you hadn't thought of them before!
This is quite simply because your astral sky will become unblocked from a financial perspective. There will certainly be an opportunity for you to have money coming in, or at least a suggestion for a profitable plan during this quarter. Watch upcoming worldwide and national financial events carefully, as they may be profitable for your finances.
Fourth quarter: This quarter, you will enjoy the protection of Saturn, which is normally favourable in the financial area.
This may mean an unexpected sum of money coming in, be it through your work or through another source. This may also mean that you are going to be able to get rid of some debts that you have been dragging along for some time now. However, do still take care with your spending as you may experience a frenetic desire to spend.
Try to resist it, particularly because you will be able to allow yourself these expenses in the third month of the quarter which will be particularly favourable for you in the financial area, thanks to Saturn once again.

Prophetic vision


I am stunned as I had a prophetic vision in which you were there, before me, standing by my side. This vision was exceptionally precise; you were at the height of elegance! You were dressed in evening wear, you were getting ready to celebrate a specific happy event, but suddenly a man dressed in a dark suit moved towards you, he held a file under his arm and in the other hand he was pointing to something which floated above your head. I could not see what it was!

But you looked very concerned and tears were slowly escaping from your eyes. It was at this moment that you called for help... I often have prophetic visions. I must say that this one was perfectly clear. Thankfully, I understood the origin of your problem perfectly.


You are just about to have your first big win at a game of chance
(a very large sum of money), so do not be concerned.
Do not fear the arrival of this sad man with his cold look.
This vision means that you may be the victim of theft or a confidence trick. Keep a careful eye on your tickets after you have played.
Show them to no-one. Hide them in a safe place.

Fortune is on its way for you… and thanks to my method revealed through my TELESPIRIT CONTACTS you are certain of sorting out your Money problems and receiving a sum which you indicated to me.




Your imminent gambling wins!


Several large wins await you. It is as though Divine Providence were waiting to flood you with happiness! And as I saw during my prophetic visions, you are going to receive a very large sum of money (I clearly saw the number 5 appear, followed by many other numbers...), so I am very optimistic for you and you can be too!

At the beginning of the next month, new very lucrative opportunities should soon light up your life again, but the best and the most powerful should appear in less than two months! This time, it will really be an apotheosis of MONEY coming in!

(You will find the dates on which you will have opportunities to win money in your detailed Horoscope below).


My Secret Plan

1. Aleph protective shield



The hard realities of life will no longer affect you!

The hard realities of life will no longer affect you! And this year, you no longer have to face insurmountable problems! There will still be some problems here and there but nothing serious! The more lucid, objective and brave you are, the more chance you will have of rapidly finding a solution to your little problems. You will progressively manage to acquire inner strength and freedom which will enable you to face the obstacles before you calmly and victoriously.

Rid yourself of the telluric waves which move around your living environment!
I offer you one of my personal rituals to protect your usual dwelling place and rid it of all its bad energies. The general idea is to place a large protective bubble around your home. This way, you will no longer have any trouble in your subsoil and your quality of life will greatly improve.





In the meantime, place your Aleph transmitter in the largest room of your home in order for it to offer you the best possible protection.

2. Play Games of Chance!

Don't play any games in which you place bets on animals. Play number games like the lottery or Euromillions! Each time, before playing, perform this ritual:

Accessories :

1 blue string (a thick cotton string will do fine for this purpose).

Tie 7 knots on your blue string, saying:

"Each of these knots contains the number I need.
The Spirit of Fortune will watch over it and take care of it."

When you have your win, untie the knots, repeating the incantation.

3. In order to avoid harmful people filled with bad intentions


keep the photo of your Guardian Angel on you, which you will find below and which I am offering you FREE OF CHARGE!

Don't forget to wear your two colours : which are your LUCKY colours!

You will find in your PSYCHIC READING below the opportunities for Luck with predictions for what you will gain.

4. SECRET REVELATIONS to achieve your urgent wish



5. How to avoid ordeals and in particular long "PERIODS IN THE WILDERNESS".


Use the power of colours by wearing colours that are beneficial to your sign and practice the ritual below once a month.

Accessories :

A passport photo, a small stone, 8 rose incense sticks or cones, some glue.

One evening, when the MOON is in its first quarter, write your first name on your photo, and write the words 'yin' and 'yang' on your name. Stick the back of the photo to the stone and then set the stone down, with your face facing up. Light an incense stick or cone next to the stone.

Concentrate on the smoke and say five times out loud with conviction:

"I invoke the Yin and Yang energies of the universe, which attract each other and mutually balance each other, in order to help me fight bad luck, in order to spare me from ordeals and from periods in the wilderness.".

Leave everything as it is, and let the incense burn up naturally.

Next, each evening until the next Full MOON, light some incense close to the stone and repeat your invocation with conviction.

Keep the stone with your photo until the next Full MOON, when you will carefully unstick your photo and constantly keep it on your person.

6. How to attract and encourage positive events and escape less favourable periods.


Accessories :

- 3 dice, 3 candles: one gold, one green and one orange or yellow, three incense sticks or cones: one scented with jasmine, one with rose and one with sandalwood, one 10cm by 10cm square of animal parchment (or white paper), 1 red fountain pen, an elastic band or cord.

- On a night when the MOON is setting, place the candles in a row, the gold candle between the two others. Place the jasmine incense close to the gold candle, the sandalwood incense close to the orange candle and the rose incense close to the green candle. Next, put a die at the base of each candle, placing the side with the 1 on it facing up.

- Light the candles and the incense and switch off the other lights in the room. Write the following incantation in red ink on the parchment or white paper :

"I beseech all the Invisible Energies of the universe to attract and favour positive events in my life and to banish unfavourable periods away from me.
In particular, I would like (name an event) to happen!".

- Focus on the candle flames and the incense smoke and say this incantation five times out loud, with conviction.

- Turn the face of the dice marked with a 6 to face upwards, then focus on the candle flames and the incense smoke again and say this incantation five times out loud, with conviction

- Roll up the parchment with the text on the inside, and attach it with the elastic band or cord, then sweep the roll five times in a row over each candle, but not too close so that you don't burn it! Let the candles and incense burn down naturally.

- Keep this little parchment on your person for a month. After this period, bury the scroll in your garden or a forest.

7. How to foil the traps of your hidden enemies


It is possible that your hidden enemies may not be easy to identify. In order to bring them out of their lairs, there is an infallible ritual which will always protect you from danger and will bring about a favourable period in all areas.

Practice this powerful ritual each time you feel danger!

Accessories :

- A sachet of mint tea, a cup for the tea, a bowl, a pinch of verbena, a pinch of mallow, 3 black peppercorns, a wooden spoon, a sheet of white paper, a glass pot with a stopper.


- Leave the mint tea to brew in the cup, and then pour it into the bowl. Add a pinch of each herb (verbena, mallow).

- Stir this mixture 3 times with the wooden spoon while visualising your request, then on the sheet of paper, write the precise amount of money that you need.

- Roll up the piece of paper and put it in the glass pot and pour the mixture of teas over it.

- Drop 3 black peppercorns into it.

- Shake the mixture vigorously 3 times, saying:

“I ask the spirits to intervene in my favour so that the angels and elements come to my assistance to protect me from harm and ensure that all future events will turn out in my favour. So be it!”.


- Thank the angels and the elements, and then place the closed pot in a cupboard.Once you receive what you asked for, open the pot and pour its contents into the toilet and flush it, thanking the Universe and the elements for their help once again.


8. How to resolve AN URGENT PROBLEM.

This ritual may be used to pass an exam or to find a quick solution to a problem (in any area).

Accessories :

- 1 gold candle, 1 white candle, 1 black candle.


- Place the 3 candles in a triangle. The white candle to the left, the black to the right, and the gold at the tip of the triangle.

- Repeat these words 3 times every night until your wish is completely fulfilled :

“May the spirit of the Light be awakened and in its immense generosity, come to light my way so that any evil spirits may be pushed away and for any good spirits to support me in order to resolve my very urgent problem. May peace reign in my life today and forever more. Amen!".


Each of us has a Guardian Angel and his or her name is nothing but the spiritual reflection of our own name. When we speak of the angel that protects us, we actually refer to ten Angels, who are in fact the Archangels, Rulers of all the Celestial Hierarchies.


So here is your ARCHANGEL revealed to you :








 December 1999: Huge POSITIVE changes are going to happen for you... I see a very large sum of money coming in, a sum which could correspond to your urgent need . But I also see that your task will be easier if you perform the TELESPIRIT CONTACT No 1 or No 3 with me

But be careful, you absolutely must prepare yourself to receive its fruits if you really want money, luck and love to stay in your life for good. Follow my instructions carefully as we exchange letters!

Your 1st beneficial date takes place around 7. Yes, on this date which is very close, I see an unexpected sum of money coming in. This relatively large sum should allow you to reduce most of your financial worries.

In my prophetic vision I clearly saw the number 5 followed by several 0s (at least 00000)! A better life is beginning for you!


 January 2000: Towards 11 you will have some good news in the area of your relationships. I see a person who matters a lot to you coming back to you… Around 18 old friends return after long months of absence. They will support you through your difficulties and restore the courage you are lacking.

They will provide solid support! But watch out, an aggressive person will come looking for trouble, perhaps a bailiff, policeman or lawyer... I don't know exactly! Protect yourself thanks to your Protective Archangel.


 February 2000: Around 15 and 22 I see a very large gambling win.

I see the number 6 followed by several other numbers. This second unexpected sum of money coming in should enable you to carry out some new projects and lead you towards a more promising future.

You are really recovering your courage. Towards the end of the month, you will meet someone very interesting and important, which should lead to some interesting financial successes.


 March 2000: The month may be quite agitated for you when it comes to your mood and character. You will go through several sometimes opposite phases, very rapidly: from laughing to crying, from sadness to happiness, from euphoria to anxiety. In these periods, don't try to resist this alternative current. Allow yourself to be carried by the wave. If you pass over a euphoric wave, enjoy it.

If, on the other hand, you are surfing on a pessimistic wave, practice several series of slow and deep breaths in order to return to a more positive state of mind. This has nothing to do with depression, as it corresponds to a phase of astral purification! The stars are in a favourable position to undo certain psychological knots which are stopping you from making progress. The astral influxes simply give you a helping hand in order to manage it, which may mean that you will have quite contrasting feelings.


 April 2000: Overall, you are going to have a good month in all areas. Take advantage of this in order to prepare your future. Put in place measures that will ensure you have a better future, be it in your love life, finances or health. These are the three pillars of a happy life, so you must strengthen them.

Moreover, the astral influences that will surround you will bring you an additional boost to your self-confidence, mental energy and physical fitness that will sweep away obstacles more easily. For all your projects, establish plans in stages and above all, keep to your initial plan. Don't shoot ahead too quickly as you run the risk of ruining everything and getting discouraged.


 May 2000: This month should bring you a certain amount of satisfaction if you know how to carefully observe the new people and unusual situations that are going to appear in your life.

Don't expect huge changes but small, calm pleasures which will fill your everyday life with happiness. It is better to have small satisfactions on a regular basis than brief but great happiness followed by a long grey or unhappy period. Learn how to appreciate these little moments of happiness which, in addition, are not difficult to bring about. In particular, learn how to welcome problems as opportunities to progress.


 June 2000: I see an extremely positive event that is going to happen in your life. As I write these lines, I don't yet know what kind of event it will be, but I can tell you that you will really enjoy it... it will take place around 23! Next, you will receive another sum of money (the third!) This time it's definitely a much larger sum.

The whole of this month will be beneficial to you.


 July 2000: Without a doubt, these are going to be the best years of your entire life. If you follow my last advice, you will have a dream life, a wonderful life! Uranus is your lucky planet, don't forget it. It will awaken your senses. Combined with Jupiter, it has some nice surprises in store for you in your love life. Someone is making eyes at you at the start of . You don't need to look far, open your heart and get ready to feel a great thrill! Keep an eye on these dates in particular: 1-10-18-26!


 August 2000: You will increase your estate though possessions you will inherit, you will invest in property and have highly performing financial investments.

In your love life, be careful of your character! Dialogue will not work out well with those close to you. Criticism on one side, indifference on the other, are you having trouble working out what attitude to adopt? Follow my advice and use the power of colours! The presence of Mars in your sign explains why you are irritable. Between 7 and 14, even the slightest thing may make you stressed.

I know that your fits of rage are rare, but they may even be violent. Be careful and temper your anger!


 September 2000: Thanks to Saturn, you will hold on to your assets and capitalise on your possessions. Mars will allow you to travel and make good contacts. But Jupiter causes a stir in your life. Perform a brief protection ritual or invoke your Protective Archangel as I see a person dressed entirely in dark clothes return to you with a lot of aggressiveness. And this will even be the second time!

Your destiny may be turned completely upside down if you do not make some concessions!


 October 2000: A wonderful month for you! Between 17 and 21  you will enjoy the support of a celestial body: the Sun itself! This planet, which favours wealth and professional development and increases available opportunities, will support your initiatives and the efforts you have accomplished. 

So this will be the chance for you to seize every opportunity and to take advantage of them as much as possible.

Play games of chance as your Luck will shine brightly! Here are your lucky numbers for the Month of: 7-13-14-20-28-31-33-35.


 November 2000: from 4 to 11, is a very favourable period! You will aim high and far. Your future is looking very good. However, in the area of work, nothing will go right!

But don't try to pass on the chores which annoy you to other people. An important meeting may set sparks flying and change the course of your existence.

This meeting will not be at all negative, quite the opposite. Look around you and keep your eyes wide open! On 17, this time there is a current of energy which is favourable for your projects! In principle, this extra positive aspect should be favourable for all your financial enterprises.

You are right to have ambition. However, do give up projects which could go beyond your means or which would lead you to take too many risks.

On 20 thanks to Pluto, you will have great opportunities to be successful in a crazy and unexpected project!

Your chances of winning a competition in a magazine or fulfilling a very old dream have increased!

Your luck is really growing… on 26 reality will hardly seem believable!

You will be on cloud 9, in a euphoric state!

But the stars will oppose you for several days.

When the time comes, if you feel something is stopping you, let the storm pass...


 December 2000: This month, you are going to feel a need for renewal in your everyday life. You will have the impression of a certain boredom and routine. You will need a change.

But don't completely change your life around because of this. Above all, do not do any old thing under the pretext of having fun without delay.

Do not give in to crazy spending without thinking about tomorrow. Don't go on holiday with all your savings or waste them on crazy nights out when you spend without keeping track.

What you do need is to find yourself a long-term occupation that will give you a change, such as a new pastime, a new physical or intellectual activity.

Sometimes, during the year, you will hardly be able to bear the greyness in your region. To resolve this situation, set yourself a new objective and the stars will do their utmost to help you achieve it.

Do you want to improve your physical fitness? Then go on a diet and do some sport. If you like, change your look by going for a new hairstyle or completely changing your wardrobe.

And what would you say to all the things that you long for in the shop windows?

Spoil yourself a little, even if this may involve some rather crazy spending.

"Mix your wisdom with a pinch of madness!" and enjoy life, take advantage of the fact that your destiny is opening up towards a world filled with joy and abundance.

I am behind you, with you and I support you and will always be here to help you get through all the stages of your new life.

Watch out, I should remind you that your great psychic reading is only one stage; I would even say that it is the introduction to great changes and the start of your new life...

Follow my advice carefully if you want to obtain the desired results... Nevertheless, I cannot hide from you that the most effective method to allow you to progress much more quickly on the path of your great transformation is the telespirit contact method which I have devised especially for those who consult me.

I invite you to perform it with me as quickly as possible!

This last stage will propel you towards new horizons, transforming your everyday life in only a few days.

Each of my telespirit contacts will allow you to progress with more confidence, convinced of a result that will exceed all your expectations.

My contacts are really very effective and everyone who has participated in these sessions with me came out of them completely satisfied… And that's without mentioning those who became rich from one day to the next.

They still do not believe their eyes!.

But judge for yourself and without further delay; request your telespirit contact session...



I embrace you with all my heart,

Your faithful friend,