There is no doubt in my mind that a life isn't blessed unless there's love and the means (money) to sustain and maintain. It doesn't matter if you were born rich or poor, if you are brilliant or average. It doesn't matter if you are religious and faithful or a skeptic, whatever your condition, we are all the same and one with the universe. And throughout the energies of this world, we're all connected. I shall not sit by and watch you suffer in silence! You will not be alone in your struggles. Whatever your affliction may be, I will be an attentive and forever discreet companion on your journey.

Whatever your problems may be, I will be there for you, you will entere my "Privileged Circle" of correspondence and I assure you that the privilage is mine as much as anyone's!.


Could you benefit from more money?

Your debts are growing and causing all kinds of bills to be late?! Do you worry that an accident or an unforeseen expense could force you into bankruptcy? Or do you need a new car or you dream of a new property to raise a family and build a life? Or maybe your life is already going well enough but you could always use an unexpected lottery win or a series of extremely lucky events in your favor that will propel your life forward in ways previously unimagined. No matter what your predicament or problem may be, I am her with one goal in mind! To help and to be there for you!

Do you have an emotional problem?
You have trouble finding your soul mate, getting a lost love to return, conquering the love of your life.

Is there someone in your life that just doesn't get along with you? Is there someone you wish you could get close yet their indifference breaks your heart everytime?

A conflict with a colleague or a co-worker or a neighbor weighing on your mind? Have you tried to reason with them and yet you are unable to even communicate with them and "get through to them?".
I assure you that you are not alone, nor is the situation without a remedy. All can be solved with the right knowledge and guidance you can cross the proverbial "minefield" of troubles that may be in your path.

I may come across as over-confident, but I know my power, I have lived with it and perfected it since I was 5 and know that anyone who opens up to me will benefit from everything I have to offer, which is considerable!

Is your problem's nature "private" and personal in nature which you find embarrassing to discuss with others? No matter how bad you think things maybe, I will not give up until you are set on the right path to redemption and accelerated improvements in your life.

Why face these overwhelming challenges by yourself? Life is better with a partner, a guardian, an adviser like me, who has one motive, to make your life the greatest it can be.


You may have already experienced premonition without even knowing what they were. All living things that have a consciousness and are self aware may experience this. The premonition is your mind detecting the infinity of the universe and somehow actually step outside the constraints of time and space. One of the most common examples of this is the phenomenon commonly known as "Deja Vu", the feeling that you have already witnessed an event that is happening right in front of your face. As if you dreamed about it before and now everything about the event is eerily familiar to a point where you can "see" into the future.

What "Seers", "Prophets", soothsayers, spiritual sects of major religions have in common is that they have taken the concept to heights unimaginable by most people. It takes many rare qualities to be able to raise yourself above the currents of the river of time and space and understand and control the process. Few people can do it, even fewer can do it regularly without getting exhausted. I, thanks to my genetic heritage, great fortune and attunenement to the energy flows of our plain of existence in this universe, can regularly and with little exertion of effort have vivid prophetic revelations. I have made many clairvoiants and fortune tellers upset at me as they treat the craft as a job not as a calling and they are unfortunately covetous of my success. I pray for their enlightenment and fortune, perhaps monetary success will soften their jaded souls and allow them to smile again without malice.

Allow me to become the conduit through which the mysteries of this universe are explored and made manifest to you. I have played and made money in the games of chance many times, although I prefer not to do so as it is unfair for any clairvoyant to use one's gift for monetary gain without enlightening and spreading knowledge and wisdom to those whose lives I touch.

I am not greedy, I will offer everyone who accepts a free reading and will only charge the minimal amount that covers the costs of my time and all the computer system thate enables me to manage all my observations and communications in a proper sequence. While computers lack the capacity for wisdom and enlightenment, they are great at organizing things! So I will offer the "far-sighted" few who will join me all of my prophetic powers and knowledge, without expecting a big pay-out. Nor do You have to commit, if at any time you feel that you would like to stop for now and go on the path of your life unguided by me, then I will refund anything you received from me after you experience and meditate on it for a full lunar cycle. A full lunar cycle which is more commonly known as a "month" represents the range of human experience pertaining to emotions. Women who have instinctively been tuned to the cycles of mother moon know this well. But all creatures, from turtles to bees to rhinos and humans go through all their emotions in the span in thirty days, it's almost like thirty versions of you are created each month as you awaken each morning. So take thirty days to experience all I have to offer, and if you're not happy, you'll get a full refund, no questions asked and I won't say good bye to you mon cheri, I will simply say see you later.


You have nothing to lose and so much to gain! You owe it to yourself to at least explore the possibility.